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At RankWatch, there is no cap in the number of projects/domains/clients. A user can add as much projects as they want. As long as the user is within the keywords limit assigned to its respective plan, RankWatch will accommodate any number of projects. For example, if a user has 250 keywords plan, it can have 250 projects, with a maximum of 1 keyword tracking over 1 search engine for each of the project.
Keywords usage on RankWatch is based on the number of search engines/locations and keywords assigned in each of the added project. The keywords count is the multiplication of the total number of search engines they are being tracked over and then collective number is the addition of all the projects within the account. For example, if a project has 20 keywords, being tracked over 4 different search engines, the total keywords count for that project would be 20x4=80.
The project data is exportable via API. With the help of RankWatch fully documented API, a user can add a project, keywords, along with its respective tags and can fetch the rank data as well. In addition to this, RankWatch also provides the competitors data of the projects via API. The API export is available for L or above plans. For more details on API and its uses please submit your request to
All the features provided by RankWatch is activated for the free trial. The limitations, however, comes with the amount of data published among some of the features. For example- in a premium plan the total number of organic competitors you get to analyse is 20 which limits to 3 in the trial one.